What To Expect

A variation of people come to us for different reasons (symptom relief, preventative care, maintaining health or simply for a check-up). The first thing we do is book a consultation to find out what we can help you with. Our Initial Consultation includes a case history, an examination (which is a series of basic health checks followed by a neurological, orthopedic and range of motion assessments. These tests help to determine the reason for the pain and to identify any positions that trigger the pain.) You will also have a postural analysis assessment using the best and the world’s most popular posture and movement analysis software. (If you require any further scans for example an MRI or X-Ray your chiropractor is able to refer you to a private diagnostic Centre that flex and flow liaise with directly).

What Next?

Once we have completed the Initial Consultation and examination we will give you feedback specific to your own circumstances, we call this the Report of Findings (RoF). We will tell you first of all if we can help you, how we can help, how long it will take and how much it will cost. It is at this appointment we will get started with care.

How we treat?

We use a combination of techniques below depending on what your body requires. We also use a range of soft tissue techniques alongside our treatments.


This involves precisely handling or moving joints in the spine or the limbs. This aims to normalise their movement and make your body better able to cope with your normal daily activities. Depending on your condition, the chiropractor may manipulate parts of your spine or other joints and give you advice on exercise, self-help and lifestyle.

Book a consultation at Flex&Flow

Book a consultation at Flex&Flow