Izabela Kapala - Physiotherapist

Izabela is a Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and registered with HCPC.

She is qualified in a variation of advanced techniques to help people affected by injury, illness, disability or trauma through movement and exercise, manual therapy, advice and education.

She has over ten years experience and before she came to the UK she was providing physiotherapy treatment to patients in Poland with a range of health conditions, help manage their pain and prevent any further injuries.
She believes in the power of soft tissue release and what a positive impact it has on the mind and body, reducing stress, stiffness and pain.

She has completed a Foundation Course in Medical Acupuncture provided by The British Medical Acupuncture Society which enables her to treat a wider variety of conditions.

Izabela enjoys her work and thrives on sharing her knowledge with each and every patient to support their healing and improve their wellbeing.

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